Composites Industry National Conference and Exhibition is a forum for industry experts, manufacturers and suppliers, subject academia, researchers, and thinkers to share ideas and approaches and showcase their products, services, and innovations on a global market. The _ days event recognizes and responds to the industry needs with the world-leading companies presenting their research for advanced composites. Summoning the opportunities for the growth of the industry, CINCE 2022 demonstrates insight into various industrial applications.

Organized By
CECA ASIA & K and D Communication Ltd

Event Information

  • Event Name:Composite Industry National Conference & Exhibition
  • Organiser:CECA ASIA
  • Co-organiser:K and D Communication Limited
  • Category:Exhibition
  • Event Date:11th, 12th & 13th November '22
  • Location:Helipad Exhibition Centre, Gandhinagar, Vadodara
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