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Composites: The Scope and Possibilities of Advanced Technological Applications

Tooling technology impacts nearly every aspect of manufacturing for composite structures and end product applications. Regardless of the final market intent (aerospace, industry, consumer applications), composite structures require some type of tooling to form their final shape and configuration. SAMPE is providing a pre-workshop tutorial, “Tooling Overview: Materials, Process Advances and Applications” on March 10th, which will lead into a formal, virtual 2-day event on March 16-17, featuring speakers from the world’s top tooling companies conducting online demonstrations.


What Attendees Can Expect

Significant tooling advances are being made in a number of materials and processes – attendees will learn about:

  • Additive manufacturing equipment options and advances
  • Shape memory technology for unique shapes
  • High temperature composites tooling materials
  • Structural foam systems for various tooling steps
  • Large structure tooling for various size-limited applications 


Your $399 workshop registration includes:

  • A free registration to the pre-workshop tutorial  held on March 10, 2021 ( valued at $200 USD)
  • A free one-year professional SAMPE membership ( valued at $122 USD)
  • 2-day workshop filled with live programming, demonstrations and networking with speakers from the world’s top tooling companies
  • Tutorial and workshop video recordings and presentation slides for on-demand viewing after the event
  • Digital Badge – provides validated participation credit
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Composite Excellence Center of Asia is the Center of Excellence set up by Adept and Accomplished Professionals from Composite Industries, Academics and Research Organization.

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Composites: The Scope and Possibilities of Advanced Technological Applications

7th March to 10th March 2021 - Timing - 7 pm to 8.30 pm

Courses Module
1. Introduction to composites – Various fibers uses – glass fiber – Boron fiber- carbon fiber -Organic fiber or natural fibers – ceramic fibers etc.
2. Matrix Materials – Polymers – Metals – Ceramic Matrix Composites
3. Interfaces – Wettability – Crystallographic nature of interface – Interaction at the interface- types of bonding at the interface
4. Composite Types -Polymer Matrix composites- Metal Matrix Composites-Ceramic Matrix composites- Carbon fiber composites
5. Properties (micromechanics) of composites – density – mechanical – thermal – load distribution-
6. Design Considerations of composites - Flexibility - Simplicity - Efficiency -Longevity.
7. Composites- Synthesis, Characterization and applications.

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